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You never know when you may want to just 'take off'
"My favorite thing is to go where I've never been. " -Diane Arbus

I come from an Air Force family so I started traveling before I can remember it. I really got the traveling bug when my father was stationed in France from 1960-1963. We traveled over much of western Europe. I still remember the eeriness of the catacombs under Rome. I remember seeing Winged Victory at the Louvre.

Whenever I travel I want to see the local culture. I try to see the sights off the beaten path. I eat local specialties, no McDonalds for me.

One of my dream long weekends:

We leave Friday in time to make New York by 2:00 p.m. Stay at a nice hotel near the theater district, perhaps the Algonquin. Take in a show on Friday night. Spend Saturday shopping or at one of the great museums. Dinner and Dancing Saturday night. Sunday morning and afternoon is spent as the spirit moves us. Make sure I get home in time to make work on Monday.

My last overseas trip was 5 days in London in March, 1993. I went on a lark, there was a special air-fare. I attended Les Misarabes and Phantom. I spent a day at the British Museum and became a member.

Links to London sites

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Westminster Abbey

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Some other places I have enjoyed.

Western Europe : Highlights include The Vatican, Paris and the Louvre.

Singapore : Three Weeks on an exchange program when I was 21. I lived with four different local families. Chinese, Indian, and Malay cultures coexist easily. Singapore was a British colony and English is the official language of government. However Chinese, Indian and Malay are recognized by the courts for all business. I learned to really enjoy Chinese and Indian food when I was there. The only problem is finding the real thing here in the states.

Washington D.C.: Many trips. I love the Smithsonian

Los Angeles : Several business trips

New York City : Several business trips. I always make it to a play while I'm there. I also enjoy the Metropolitan Art Museum.

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Sidewalk.com : Information about cities in the U.S. New cities are being added to the list.

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The Algonquin: Join the roster of legendary guests

Since opening in 1902, New York’s Algonquin Hotel has attracted theatrical and literary luminaries from around the world. In the 1920’s, the Rose Room sparkled with the lively conversations of Dorothy Parker, Noel Coward, and other members of the legendary Algonquin Round Table. And today, top celebrities like Harry Connick, Jr. and Michael Feinstein entertain in the Oak Room, one of the city’s top cabarets.

The club like atmosphere of the recently restored Edwardian lobby, the rich literary history and Matilda (the famous Algonquin cat) give the hotel a personality all its own. Its enviable location in the heart of the theater district makes The Algonquin a perfect base for discovering New York’s cultural treasures.

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