The Legend of King Arthur

Who is this Arthur who has fascinated people for so long? Did he ever exist? And are even half the things told about him true? The answer is that, if Arthur indeed lived, he did so at a time when British history was hardly documented at all, a time of historical shadow-lands of which all manner of tales and fables could be told without fear of contradiction. This was the time when the Romans had left Britain and the Britons - ancestors of the modern Welsh and Cornish - had to fall back on their own resources to counter the onslaughts of the Pict, the Irish and the Anglo-Saxons, the latter being the forebears of the present-day English. (The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Arthurian Legends, Ronan Coghlan)

A Knight's Code of Chivalry
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According to one account, Arthur's Round Table was a gift from Guinevere's father when he married her. Arthur used it so that no knight would sit above another, but all would be equal. smalltable_jp40.jpg (9770 bytes)
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The Round Table at Winchester. Probably made by Edward I to hold festivals in which gathered nobles played Arthurian roles, jousted, and so forth.



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