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wwII_memorial.jpg (4694 bytes) The National World War II Memorial will be the first national memorial dedicated to all who served during World War II. The memorial will honor all military veterans of the war, the citizens on the home front, the nation at large, and the high moral purpose and idealism that motivated the nation's call to arms.


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Berlin Airlift Sites



Over fifty years ago on June 26, 1948 the Berlin Airlift began days after the U.S.S.R. closed all land routes to the city. Their hope was to drive the Allies out of West Berlin.

The United States refused to give West Berlin up, responding to the Soviet challenge with an airlift. The divided city, still wounded from the war, required a minimum of 4,500 tons of supplies each day to survive. A scratch force of C-47s flew in 80 tons on the first day. Maj. Gen. William Tunner, famous for flying "the Hump" to supply the Allied war effort in the China-Burma-India theater during World War II, assumed command and soon had Douglas C-54s landing in West Berlin every 90 seconds, day and night.

The tonnage built to 2,000, then 4,000, then 8,000, then an incredible 12,000 tons per day, more than had been dispatched by surface routes before the blockade began. The shocked Soviet Union recognized it was beaten and withdrew the blockade April 15, 1949.


We Didn't Start The Fire by Billy Joel   This site has the words to Billy Joel's song with links to information about the person or event mentioned. An interesting modern history lesson.

Family and Children

http://chaos.trxinc.com/jmilne/Pooh/ The Page at Pooh Corner.This site is dedicated to the wonderful stories found in the books, Winnie-The-Pooh and The House at Pooh Corner, written by A. A. Milne and illustrated by E. H. Shepard.

http://www.kidsdomain.com/ Kids Domain. Games, reviews, and downloads all for the little ones.

http://www.sandiegozoo.org/ Virtual tour of the San Diego Zoo. Send postcards with the zoo's animals and more.

http://www.stanford.edu/~jenkg/useless.html Deb and Jan's Land O' Useless Facts. Find out WHY the ice cream sundae was invented.

http://www.kreative.net/timewarp/ Miss Abigail's Time Warp Advise. Look back to a simpler time for advise to today's problems.

http://informatron.com/games1.htm Games. These are Java based so you'll need Netscape 3.0 or IE 3.0 or greater

http://www.bagheera.com/ Endangered species

http://babynamer.com/default.cfm Baby naming site. What are the most popular names? What is the meaning of a name and more.

http://congress.nw.dc.us/c-span/elecmail.html Send e-mail to members of Congress

http://healthyideas.com/ Healthy Living ideas

http://moneycentral.msn.com/family/home.asp Family finance information. Find out how much to send the little one to Harvard and more.

http://women.eb.com/ Women in American history. Hosted by Encyclopedia Britannica

http://hanumantech.com/shotgun/ The 'Official Shotgun Rules' Find out how to decide who gets 'shotgun' on your next trip.

http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/index.htm Museum of the History of Science, Oxford University

http://www.lib.washington.edu/sla/natmus.html Links to many Natural History Museums

Get help for your homework.
http://www.homeworkheaven.com/   Organized by grade level

Recipes and food related
http://www.orientalfood.com/ Oriental food recipes and more.
http://www.allrecipes.com/ All Recipes
http://www.kraftfoods.com/index.cgi Kraft's interactive kitchen.Recipes and more.
http://www.netcooks.com/ Netcooks. Recipes, tips, cooking terms and more. Submit your recipes. Suggested by Joy Powers via my guestbook


Cool stuff for readers and fountain pens

Barnes and Noble book sellers.

http://www.usatoday.com/marketpl/mkthome.htm Market place at USA Today

http://www.hdsplans.com/ Looking for plans for your Dream Home? Check Home Design Services vast selection.


American fighter Aces of W.W.II features brief biographies & stories of the high scoring American fighter pilots of the Second World War. USAAF, USMC and USN aces of Europe & the Pacific included with summary tables at the start of each section (pilot, kills, medal, unit, plane flown). Not many graphics, mostly text. http://www.westnet.com/~ssherman/index.html

http://www.mapquest.com Get a map with door-to-door driving directions

http://www.drkoop.com/ Dr Koop's Health site

http://www.tiac.net:80/users/namarie Welcome to Anglophilia. Information about the British Isles

http://www.icflorida.com/ Information about the Orlando and Central Florida area.

http://www.cc.columbia.edu/acis/bartleby/bartlett/ Bartlett's famous quotations online

http://www.m-w.com/home.htm Webster's online dictionary

http://www.mapquest.com/ Mapquest. This site will generate a map with driving directions between two addresses

http://www.weather.com Get the weather anywhere

http://www.bigyellow.com/ The Yellow Pages.

http://www.acronymfinder.com/ Acronym finder. Look for TANSTAAFL

http://home.att.net/~C.C.Jordan/index.html Planes and pilots of W.W.II. Stories of the men and planes of W.W.II. A W.W.II Veteran Website award winner. A USA Today Hotsite.

http://www.thistothat.com/ If you need to glue two things together this site will tell you what kind of glue to use. There is also some glue trivia and more


http://www.shareware.com/ Very large collection of shareware

http://www.unitedmedia.com/comics/dilbert/ The Dilbert zone

http://www.techweb.com/shopper Reviews and Shopping for hi-tech devices.

Accelerate your web pages. GIF Wizard will shrink the graphics on your 
pages with little visible loss of quality.

Music Related

http://www.lyrics.ch/ Search for song lyrics.

International Sinatra Society Frank Sinatra stuff

Sinatra Family Website Official Sinatra Family site.


http://www.cis.ksu.edu Kansas State University Computing and Information Services. I received my Masters in Computer Science from them in 1996

http://www.bluemountainarts.com/index.html Send an animated greeting card

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